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To succeed and survive in senior positions you need exceptional personal skills in addition to your intellectual ability. Most successful people report having someone in their lives who provides them with regular, professional support and skills training. I have a special interest in supporting managers who are relatively new to their roles, or whose responsibilities have recently become more challenging. 

Coaching can help you to:

- develop your skills as a leader
- improve problem-solving skills

- find more productive ways of relating to colleagues
- achieve more in less time
- sleep better at night
- have a life

The Coaching Framework
I combine a practical approach to planning and problem solving together with a programme of personal development and self-awareness.

The elements include: 
- a guided approach to current challenges
- strategic planning and goal-setting
- understanding personal style and strengths
- leadership, decision-making and time management skills
- inter-session email support and development 


"After just one session I’ve cleared my desk, have found a more productive way to relate to my team, and am feeling much calmer and more in control"

Health service manager

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