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We can all benefit from support in working through challenges and difficulties at work, and we all need to develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence in order to be effective in the workplace. Sometimes that is best done through individual coaching, but there are many advantages, too, to working in groups.

Here are some of them:

- it is often easier to learn from other people's challenges than it is from our own

- you develop coaching skills through practising helping others

- you are able to put your own challenges into context by hearing about others'

- it is a chance to network and to build relationships and long term support

- it is more economical than individual coaching

Learning sets are usually run every two to three months, with up to eight participants, and most groups will be able to run themselves after a period of regular facilitation.

Learning sets will cover some or all of the following areas, depending on the group's needs: 

Understanding diversity of personality and it's implications
Better relationships at work
Stress and time management
Survival skills for consultants and juniors
Work-life balance
Emotional intelligence
Bullying: awareness-raising and management
Career development

If you are interested in learning sets please get in touch below. I welcome enquiries both from organisations and from individuals looking to join a group, or set up their own. 

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