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For people who are happy to work on their career development alone, but with specialist guidance.

-  A Career Development Book
-  a career development e-workbook
-  one and a half hours telephone/Skype coaching session. 
The process takes you through an in-depth career exploration process, covering everything from your personal values and personal style, to specific job options and action plan.

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£225 for initial assessment
£150 per hour thereafter

For people who want tailored support over time, for professional and personal development, career and life-planning, and tackling specific issues.

-  An initial one and a half hour assessment session, to clarify the issues and what you would like from coaching, and to allow you to sample coaching and see if you would like to pursue it, without obligation.
-  Six one hour sessions (2 per month)​
The precise number and frequency of sessions will depend on individual needs.  Coaching can be carried out face to face, on Skype or on the telephone, or a combination of these.

Did you find a package that feels right for your needs? Get in touch and we can talk details.

Just starting out on your career?

Made choices that are no longer working for you?

Considering a career move?


Career coaching can make the difference between struggling hopelessly alone, and having a clear career plan based on a strong foundation of knowing who you are and what you have to offer. I offer a choice of three packages which you can read about below:



For people who want a full career work-out with a substantial one-off coaching session.

- A Career Development Book
- A Career development e-workbook
- Psychological type testing (based on Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
- Two and a half hours of personal coaching, on the telephone, Skype or face to face.

The process provides all the benefits of the distance learning package, plus invaluable insight on how your personality plays into your work, and one-to-one coaching to facilitate career planning, and tackle any personal blocks to career progression.


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