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A Self-Assessment E-Programme


Understanding your personal strengths and preferred ways of doing things is a fundamental building block of self-awareness. And self awareness, in turn, is fundamental building block for career success, good relationships and well-being. 
There are all sorts of frameworks for understanding yourself in this way, and many different ways of working out what kind of person you are and how you like to function in life. In terms of the framework for psychological type that is based on the Jungian typology that was developed over many years by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs, there are books, workshops, individual coaching and a host of free internet questionnaires.

But it isn’t always easy to find a workshop, books can be confusing, individual support expensive and free internet questionnaires inaccurate and misleading. That is why I developed ‘Psychological Type: a self-assessment e-programme’ (PTSA). The PTSA works on the principle that you are the only person who can select a psychological type that is right for you, and that a questionnaire is just one of several steps you can take to do that. Comprising a questionnaire, explanations of all the preferences, and full descriptions of each psychological type, you give yourself the best possible chance of finding the right type for you. There is advice for those who are struggling with deciding on a type, sections on what your type means for work and career, how type plays out in stress reactions, and how your type develops at different stages of life.


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