A series of short articles on everything, from practical ways of getting things done, to how to handle your feelings and find peace in a hectic world.

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127. On Being A Woman

I wrote a piece, 'On being a man,' a few weeks back and many of you responded positively to it, both men and women. This time it's the women's turn... This is not just for women, though, this is also for the men who love us, and would like to know more about what it is like to be a woman. A couple of weeks ago I went to an internal IT seminar at my workplace. It was introduced by the head of IT, a light-hearted and humorous individual, and there were two members of staff seated nearby, both with laptops. He first of all told us about the change in the IT system that was soon to be happening and then he said, 'Now I'd like to introduce you to Tracy who is going to demonstrate the new s