A series of short articles on everything, from practical ways of getting things done, to how to handle your feelings and find peace in a hectic world.

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105. Lessons in Survival and Healing

I remember Judith de Lozier, one of the founders of NLP, talking about a friend of hers whose life had suddenly taken a nose-dive. This woman had had a charmed life until then and was deeply shaken by what had happened to her. 'These things happen to us all,' Judith had said to her kindly, 'what made you think you were any different?' This week's reflection is about the hard things that happen in life, and to see if there is anything to learn from how one person handled what happened to her. One of the basic human characteristics is to try to search for meaning" Michael Johnson, PhD, Psychologist It is natural for us to want to make sense of our lives. When

106. Beyond Right and Wrong

We grapple with issues of right and wrong on a daily basis. Maybe even hourly! That so and so who cut you up at the traffic lights. That plumber who didn't turn up when he said he would. And that friend who hasn't called you for a while, even though they know you're at a low ebb at the moment. Even your cat can find himself very much in the wrong when he pees in your flower pots This week's tip is about rightness and wrongness, how well they serve us, and yet how badly they serve us at the same time. 'Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there.' Rumi Once there was a salesman who was travelling along the road from one town to

104. More Effective Delegating

We all want to delegate, in theory, but in practice there are all kinds of barriers and challenges. Some people don't want to be delegated to, others take on work but then do a lousy job, or don't do it at all. You want to hand over work, but you're afraid to because if it's not done well it'll reflect badly on you. You have staff or juniors but you've become too pally with them for you to ask them to do stuff. You've got too much to do but you're afraid of delegating because you like to be in control. There is all kinds of advice available on delegating, but there is an often-overlooked aspect and that is personality. This week's tip explores how understanding different personality t