A series of short articles on everything, from practical ways of getting things done, to how to handle your feelings and find peace in a hectic world.

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94. Pride - Is It So Bad?

When my children were young I bought a cassette tape (remember those?) of a Noddy story. In the story Noddy has just got his brand new yellow car and is as proud as punch. He drives around the town waving at everyone, tooting his horn, a smile all over his face, unable to contain his delight. People do not necessarily share his delight, and there are grumblings and rumblings amongst the town folk about this disgraceful display of one-upmanship. Needless to say, Noddy soon comes a cropper, running his little car into a brick wall while busy waving at someone. Let that be a lesson to you, Noddy. (I never played the tape to my children.) The word 'pride' has two common meanings. It can mea

93. The Quiet People

Of all the ways in which people's personalities are described and categorized, extraversion and introversion must be the most common; though perhaps not the best understood. We can all think of examples in our lives of people who represent these two terms - the talkative, out-going, action-oriented individuals, and the reserved, reflective ones, the quiet people. But it may surprise you to hear that somebody has written an entire book on introversion. There are places in the world where extraversion is a much more valued attribute than introversion, for example the States, and Sarah Cain, an American introvert, felt that it was time that someone spoke up for this under-valued group. This