A series of short articles on everything, from practical ways of getting things done, to how to handle your feelings and find peace in a hectic world.

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92. Mountains and Molehills

The human brain is a startlingly wonderful thing, especially in its ability to create. It is also our downfall in that it is responsible for nearly all our suffering. Because, while it is capable of building cities and computers, and of keeping us safe by predicting every eventuality, it is also capable of turning every molehill into a mountain. This week's tip looks at what we might learn from creatures with much smaller brains .... 'If the grain were separated from the chaff..... what is truly valuable would be to what is useless in the proportion of a molehill to a mountain.' Edmund Burke, British Statesman and Philosopher. I was in the Algarve last week, and one morning

91. On Leading and Surviving Change

It has become somewhat ridiculous to say that there is an unusual amount of change going on at the moment, as the same thing could have been said five years ago, ten years ago, maybe even twenty years ago. Like saying the weather is unusual for the time of year, it's probably time we stopped saying it as if it is something out of the ordinary. So, if change is the order of the day, and we find ourselves playing a part in leading or facilitating change, whether formally or informally, what can we do both to do it well, and to protect ourselves from its dangers and pitfalls? 'Lets face it, to lead is to live dangerously.' Heifetz and Linsky, A Survival Guide for Leaders The guidance