A series of short articles on everything, from practical ways of getting things done, to how to handle your feelings and find peace in a hectic world.

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18. No Feelings Please, We're At Work

I read a book a little while back, called Passionate Medicine. Five doctors and two vets told the stories of their working lives, lives which had started in the orthodox surroundings of medical and veterinary school, but had since diverted down less traditional paths, albeit still looking after their fellow humans or animals. All idealists, going into their chosen professions with the expectation of doing some good in the world, they had been initially shocked and later demoralized by the sheer brutality of clinical life. Several described their first experiences of the anatomy room, an extraordinary rite of passage whereby eighteen and nineteen year olds are sent into a laboratory to cut up

17. The Trouble With the Things Unsaid

A friend recently told me this story. As a teenager, he was living in Nottingham, and one day the council was putting up two signs as part of a local campaign to reduce road traffic accidents. One of the signs said 'SPEED KILLS', and the other said 'COURTESY SAVES'. Because they were in large letters both signs were in two parts. As the man was putting up the signs, the clouds gathered and the heavens opened. He hurriedly climbed down his ladder, gathered his equipment and drove off in his van. It was several days till he returned, and in that time the people of Nottingham had to make do with the two signs he'd put up before the rain came. And this is what they said: COURTESY KIL