A series of short articles on everything, from practical ways of getting things done, to how to handle your feelings and find peace in a hectic world.

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16. How Do You Treat Yourself?

"You idiot! What did you do that for? Will you never learn? You make the same mistakes again and again and again. You're useless, absolutely useless. You're pathetic. You're never going to be any good if you carry on like this." So what sort of scenario do you think this is? A stressed out parent shouting at a child who's messed up their homework? An angry spouse in a dangerously fragile relationship? A boss, perhaps, yelling at an underperforming member of staff? Well, actually it's none of these. This is typical of what a friend of mine says to himself when he puts a ball into the net in a game of tennis. If fear clutched at your heart when you read the first few lines of this

15. What is Your Genius?

One of the fastest ways to get ahead at work is to do things that play to your strengths. When you're playing to your strengths you get great results for very little effort and fantastic results for extra effort. We all remember those people at school, fortunately very small in number, who seemed not only to get brilliant results every time but who, infuriatingly, appeared to do very little work. People who did well but slogged and slogged at their books could be cheerfully dismissed with a 'he/she's a swot/nerd/dork', but these other people were very hard to come to terms with. Often they were nice as well, which was really the last straw. They were lucky because school work clearly pl