A series of short articles on everything, from practical ways of getting things done, to how to handle your feelings and find peace in a hectic world.

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6. What Would You Like to Take an Exam In?

My 10 year old niece recently had a tough lesson in life. She and her friends moved into the senior class of primary school this term and they were told by their teachers that there were some jobs that went with that seniority. House captain jobs, captain of PE, captain of music, library monitor, and so on. The children were all very excited. Georgie was beside herself, she would LOVE to do a job! But there were only enough jobs for half of the children and sadly Georgie didn't get one. She was upset, although not as much as her mother, who was ready to nuke the entire establishment. Any parent knows how heartbreaking it is when their child is not valued by the outside world as much as t

5. New Perspectives on Old Relationships

Even in the most tranquil of lives there lurks the Difficult Person. It might be a colleague who never does what he says he'll do. Or a sibling who shirks responsibility for looking after your aged parents. It might be a parent who doesn't seem to have noticed that you are no longer five years old. Or a member of staff who is always late. Or an impossible boss. Whoever or whatever your difficult person or relationship is, if it has been going on for some time there is one thing that it will have in common with everyone else's. A pattern. A very long time ago I read a book called The Dance of Anger by psychologist Harriet Lerner. I have absolutely no recollection as to why I bought it,